The Hoose Fam: Traveling Musical Family of 5!

The Hoose (rhymes with goose! A Scottish word for house) Fam are: Daniel, Thistle, our 3 bairns and Milky the Hoose cat. We travel all over the USA in our chalkboard RV- nicknamed ‘The Hoose’ – and play music on the streets! As you can probably tell we are Scottish!

Follow us on our epic adventure as we meet new peopel, try new foods and experience everything life throws our way!

Why chalkboard?

We love driving our giant billboard everywhere we go, and transient art has always been a favourite of ours. Everythime it rains, we are blessed with a blank canvas to get our createive juices flowing. We especially like to chalk-up the Hoose for holidays and special events, and there is always some space for a few games of Tic-Tac-Toe!