Today mum is in charge of homeschooling and dad is out performing on the street.

We are in Charleston, South Carolina so there is lots of history to explore, and after the morning maths assignment is complete, we have lunch and head out for a walk along the riverside to the Hazel Parker Playground. On the way, we see lots of pumpkins and Halloween decorations, and talk a little about the horses and carriages and Charleston’s history. We admire the architecture and beautiful gardens. When we arrive at the playground, there are lots of school kids to play with today so I take the opportunity to do some writing under a shady tree.

I wonder if Daniel has met the ‘code enforcer’ who moved me on yesterday; if so, I’m sure he will give him a lesson on what he researched yesterday- we are in fact allowed to perform on the king street/ market street corner, as buskers fall into a different category than solicitors.

A huge part of being traveling street musicians is researching local rules and regulations, and having done our research on Charleston (and having played here before), we were surprised to be moved on for busking in the wrong place. However, hubby found the actual regulations and helped me understand them so that I could explain them to the gentleman who moved me on if we crossed paths again. Sometimes there can be confusion about these things, and people doing their jobs can make mistakes. I’m glad Daniel is smart enough to understand legal jargon- he certainly keeps me right!

After the kids get fed up at the playground, we leave and walk the mile back to the Hoose to check on everything and take Milky the cat out for a walk on her harness. I particularly enjoy days when I am ‘home’ as I have been out busking a lot recently and Daniel and I were working round the clock for 2 weeks getting the Hoose ready for our Tiny Home Tour! These precious moments spent with the children are well-appreciated and one of the main reasons we love our alternative lifestyle!

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