Saturday has arrived and we’re excited to perform!

We are going to switch out so Daniel will pitch up in the morning for the lunch rush and I will take the early evening shift. Last Saturday was pretty slow but I have a good feeling about today!

We park the Hoose at the waterfront and after a quick cup of tea, Daniel heads out. I make some lunch, tidy up a little and then we head off to the park- this one is closer so no walking miles for the kids today!

We spend a while at the park and all the kids make friends- they are really good at socialising because we move around a lot. I get chatting to a mum and give her our business card so we can keep in touch on the road. Grace is thrilled as her and the lady’s wee girl really hit it off. Grace helps me create a new logo while we are out- she is so much better at these things than me and I’m really proud of her! She teaches me as we go and is really patient. I love the end result!

Back home we get settled in and then dad returns from his shift. I fed him and we have a cuppa (seems to be a pattern here heehee!) then I get ready for my turn.

It’s easier to walk to the spot today as the sun isn’t high in the sky, so when I arrive I have way more energy- yay! It immediately pays off and the tips come thick and fast. I notice the theatre has set out red carpets so there must be an event on, and soon photographers arrive. I check with the lady who set up a tripod that I’m not interfering with her work and she assures me she’s just taking photographs and wants me to keep playing. I knock out an energetic three hours and then I’m done!

The man outside the theatre tells me he really enjoyed listening to me and I’m happy that everyone is happy. I text hubby then walk quickly home- even in nice areas I’m a bit nervous walking alone in the dark.

The sun has just set when I reach the Hoose and to my surprise Daniel is performing outside! A lovely man has asked him to play a song for him and his date- such a nice idea to have live music and watch the sunset! And bonus- he paid him generously too!

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