Rain Go Away Blog post the hoose

Rain, Rain, Go Away

So, apart from an extra from ‘The Fast and The Furious’ drifting around the Hoose very loudly just after midnight, it was a lovely peaceful night here. Of course, Angus made his nightly trip into our bed, and though I […]

Teach a woman to fish blog post the hoose thistle

Teach a Woman to Fish

Daniel taught us how to fish today! It’s been cold (relatively speaking) and raining here in Florida all week, but that doesn’t put us Scots off, so we headed out to Goffinsville Nassau River Park for the day. It is […]

You Do It To Yourself blog post thistle the hoose

You Do It To Yourself

I’ve been suffering a lot with sinusitis recently. It’s something that has always been an issue for me but a few months ago I decided I wouldn’t be taking any more painkillers, so I’m experiencing all of the pain, especially […]

Shark Teeth blog Post The Hoose Family

Shark Teeth

We are both awoken by an oddly gentle knock around 4.30am Daniel jumps out of bed to see who it is and finds no one… we lie there listening intently for a while and hear voices. He looks again and […]

Rest and Recreation Blog Post Traveling Hoose Family

Rest and Recreation

We have a relaxing day, stocking up on groceries thanks to my generous tips the night before. The kids want to play so we spend the day at a great park on Amelia Island. I’m glad to discover that I […]

Ameilia Island Blog post Thistle The Hoose

Amelia Island

We made it to Florida today! We’ve been making our slow way here for about 3 months, playing all the towns we pass on the way. It’s cold and windy but there are still many people walking in the streets […]

Slow Sunday Blog Post Thistle Busking The Hoose

Slow Saturday

We all had fun at the playground yesterday, working out and playing. I had a fantastic shift in the evening, playing for 3 hours to happy people dancing and singing and we filled the fuel up in the Hoose- she’s […]

Philosophical Friday Blog Post Thistle The Hoose

Philosophical Friday

It’s Friday! After experiencing the good vibes last night I’m really excited to get back out this evening! I had tons of fun interactions, with groups of people dancing, singing and filming. And no code enforcers in sight! I have […]

Brunswick blog post thistle the hoose


We arrive at a Walmart in Brunswick As we always do when we park, we put up our screen on the front window. Daniel gets some cash and the kids all get their shoes on to go inside with him […]

An Early Departure Blog Post Thistle The Hoose

An Early Departure

We boondocked in a lovely spot next to a park and a fountain on a quiet street We boondocked in a lovely spot next to a park and a fountain on a quiet street, so when we wake up, the […]