Rainy Day Christmas Crafts blog post by thistle

Rainy Day Christmas Crafts

It is raining hard this morning, and will continue all day according to the forecast I take the kids into Walmart to get groceries for the next few days and some craft supplies. We always put our Christmas tree up […]

Our First Ever Thanksgiving blog post thistle

Our First Ever Thanksgiving

Back in Scotland, thanksgiving isn’t part of our traditions So today our homeschool class is all about the origins and meaning of this American holiday. After the history lesson (given by Daniel of course because I need to learn too!), […]

Lion's Mane Blog Post thistle the hoose

Lion’s Mane

An early morning gets us an early start We arrive at Hanna Park around 9.30 am. That’s when the rain starts, but it doesn’t put us off our mushroom hunt! We leave the Hoose parked at the closest spot to […]

Oranges in the sand blog post thistle the hoose

Oranges in the Sand

Harry starts practicing his guitar this morning immediately after breakfast He says he wants to get good so he can go busking! He also spends hours building with his lego again today, and is getting really creative with his builds. […]

Pocket Money Blog Post Thistle The Hoose

Pocket Money

It’s been a long time since we took the kids to spend their pocket money they’ve been doing extra chores, so Grace and Harry have a really good amount to spend. We take them to Goodwill and then Walmart, and […]

The Beaches Blog Post The Hoose

The Beaches

The morning was nice and quiet and the kids amused themselves so I got on with some of my sewing projects. One of the few items I brought with me from Scotland is my sewing kit, and I’ve used it […]