Unexpected Rain Blog Post Thistle

Unexpected Rain

We spend a quiet night at Cracker Barrel and all have a cozy sleep with extra blankets on the beds n the morning, I make some porridge with raisins and cinnamon and the boys have seconds! We chill there for […]

Thistle Busking Black Friday Blog Post

Black Friday

Woke up to rain again It’s supposed to stop this morning and be cloudy all day, so fingers crossed! We are doing laundry today, and then I am going to busk at The Beaches again. It’s black friday, and I’m […]

The Beaches Blog Post The Hoose

The Beaches

The morning was nice and quiet and the kids amused themselves so I got on with some of my sewing projects. One of the few items I brought with me from Scotland is my sewing kit, and I’ve used it […]

Painting the town blog post thistle the hoose

Painting the Town

Saturday! I’m really excited to do a double shift today, and the icing on the cake- the sun has returned! Daniel is going to busk in between my two sets so we can make the most of this bustling area […]

Fun In The Rain blog post thistle the hoose

Fun in the Rain

Today we went to a nearby park so Daniel could film his new song, “Grass In The Rain”. Grace was videographer and did an amazing job, as always! The boys and I played in the rain and then we all […]

Rest and Recreation Blog Post Traveling Hoose Family

Rest and Recreation

We have a relaxing day, stocking up on groceries thanks to my generous tips the night before. The kids want to play so we spend the day at a great park on Amelia Island. I’m glad to discover that I […]

Ameilia Island Blog post Thistle The Hoose

Amelia Island

We made it to Florida today! We’ve been making our slow way here for about 3 months, playing all the towns we pass on the way. It’s cold and windy but there are still many people walking in the streets […]

Gratitude Blog Post Thistle The Hoose Traveling Family


My first tip today wasn’t money. A young homeless man gave the hoodie off his back, and I knew in that moment that it was the most meaningful tip of the day. When someone gives you what little they have, […]

God Loves Trier Blog Post Hoose Family

God Loves a Trier

It’s Monday and I’m really excited to busk today! There’s a cruise ship coming in so I’m hoping for decent footfall throughout the day, and my energy is better than it’s been. I’m sure it would be even better if […]